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This seems an odd second dining choice compared to my first, Outback
Steakhouse in New Jersey. But after being quoted an hour wait (and feeling
tears well up–I'm serious, it was an emotional evening), I had to go to
plan B, and Relish was vaguely on the route from New Jersey to Queens.

Actually, it was a fine, solid choice. sat in the back lounge, had a
lamb chimichanga (which wasn't much like a "real" [as if there is such a
thing as an authentic chimichanga] one) appetizer with a sort of hominy
sauce/soup and prepared for the impending blizzard. I had a thick, meaty
pork chop with a rich oniony sauce and potato pancakes with apple sauce.
This is food food. I left full, but not overwhelmingly so.

Relish * 225 Wythe St., Brooklyn, NY

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