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Plan-Eat Thai

I hate to be one of those people that goes on about how an original location
was better than the new incarnation, but really, Planet Thai has gotten too
damn big for its britches. The thing is, the food's perfectly good, but the
service leaves much to be desired. I don't know who they're trying to be,
but it seems ridiculous to wait 45 min. on a Thurs. night in Brooklyn (or
anywhere for that matter). They've got the requisite art on the walls and a
clientele weighing heavily towards the (not-so) lovable mop-topped hipster
contingent. Maybe the folks from the nabe (god, that's a gross word) think
it's cool to stand around sipping $6 well drinks, waiting for a table, but I
could do without.

They have a fairly extensive Japanese menu, which I've never tried (that
a majority of the diners seemed to be ordering from). I stuck with the Thai
side, choosing fried spring rolls (a measly two rolls for $3.95) and steamed
mussels with lemongrass and basil (huge for the same $3.95) as appetizers.
For entrees we got a super spicy beef with basil and a tangy order of
tamarind squid. I wasn't disappointed by a single item. Unfortunately, once
we received our food, our waitress made herself scarce Even eye-contact and
later, arm-waving, couldn't get our water glasses re-filled or new beers

For the most part, the food is the real deal, not some fusion-y take on
Thai. But this isn't your typical formica table, vinyl-padded chair,
hole-in-the-wall. You'll get exposed brick walls, thumping drum and bass,
photos of naked people and the lax who-cares attitude inherent to that

Plan-EatThai * 141 N Seventh St., Brooklyn, NY

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