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Color Me Bad: More Blue Rice

Literal charcoal black ice cream was potentially my favorite eye-grabber of last week (no, I don’t post this weekly—just mentally). Also, I was wondering how Mic was going to handle its new food coverage, you know, food coverage for millennials as opposed to all that other food coverage for the coveted old people demographic, and now I know.

But in the end, blue food will always win out. There is some serious butterfly pea flower power being harnessed at Koptiam, so powerful I watched a food video for once. I’m not likely to make it to the LES any time soon for breakfast, so the real question is why isn’t there any blue pulut inti in Queens (that I’m aware of)? Don’t steal my idea, but I think cute and colorful Nyona kuih are ripe for artisanal appropriation, especially since Malaysian food hasn’t really broken-out in a big way in NYC (R.I.P. Pasar Malam) and might seem fresh.

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  1. I sampled the black ice cream yesterday and found it totally bland. Total blogger bait, I think. Or is it now influencer bait?
    The one time I was at Kopitiam it was after 3 pm, and I’m pretty sure you could still get the inti. But it is indeed lower LES.

    May 31, 2016
  2. It’s all bait, and it totally works on me. I also keep seeing a not-new-at-all green-gray matcha sesame swirl soft serve from Cafe Zaiya in my social media…and now I want it.

    June 1, 2016
    • Rhianna #

      Ha, yes. It worked on me! I’m just glad I didn’t have to commit before buying. Indeed that soft serve is popping up a lot in my feed, too. It’s right by my office, too. What I love/hate/am eternally frustrated by with respect to such bait is that everyone goes to take the photo, but no one comments on whether it tastes good!

      June 1, 2016

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