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Chains of Love: When Life Gives You Shrimp in Top Hats

One woman’s deal-breaker is another’s aphrodisiac. This final straw described on The Cut made me chuckle at first:

He was a bartender — and I’m amazed, in retrospect, that he had gotten through so many years as both a Brooklyn bartender and a guitarist without getting any tattoos. Then a tattoo parlor opened across the street from the bar where he worked, which had a cheeky $5 special on a particular (usually hideous) tattoo design. And suddenly he kept showing up for dates with new tattoos. Hideous ones he clearly had only gotten because it was the $5 tattoo special. It wasn’t until a few weeks into this spree that he showed up with new ink in the shape of a shrimp wearing a top hat.

And then sit upright, realizing she’s describing the Bubba Gump logo.

So yes, aphrodisiac.

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