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When Life Gives You Cans of Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup

buffalo wing soup

What looks like queso, contains no cheddar whatsoever and saved Super Bowl for someone rendered unable to gnaw on wings because of new not-fully-functional front teeth? Buffalo wing soup! (I did use fingers and plastic fork to de-meat two wings, but it took over ten minutes and was barely worth the effort.)

Initially I joked, but a quick search turned up an unbelievable number of Google hits, none surprisingly sponsored by Campbell’s. This is simply the first recipe that appears– to the rescue. You’re really just doctoring condensed cream of chicken soup with chicken, hot sauce, half-and-half and blue cheese until it resembles a liquid dip that tastes rich and vinegary. (And props to commenter AmberN who added a packet of ranch for “a little more flavor.”)

This crock-pot creation is actually less gross than it sounds or looks. In fact, I was microwaving leftovers (half a recipe still makes more than enough) in my office cafeteria and a young woman I’d never met before asked what smelled so “delish,” so there.

What I thought was an anomaly appears to have serious Buffalo roots. At the 2014 Buffalo Soupfest, there were no less than five variations on chicken wing soup, and it’s a regular menu item at a restaurant called Danny’s.

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