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Two Weeks in International Intrigue: Red Beans, Red Sauce, Spam

I posted no stray links last weekend because I knocked out a good portion of my front two teeth and somehow that kept me from posting online for a few days. These links must live.

Dairy Queen has recently expanded into Guyana, Taiwan and Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City you can have red bean and green teas flavors (not clear whether this is toppings or soft serve). Poland, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan could be next.

Spam is suitable for gift-giving in South Korea.

It’s odd because we don’t have Jamie Oliver restaurants in the US, but Jamie’s Italian is all over the rest of the world. Next up, Stockholm.

Technomic rounds-up a slew of foreign restaurants opening in the US. I’ve been waiting for Bibigo, the bibimbap chain. Just Falafel may be the only UAE-based restaurant to make the unusual reverse journey and open here.

Subway is growing like crazy in the UK and Ireland, and will start serving breakfast.


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