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The Week In International Intrigue: Hot Pots, Hot Nabes, Weird Places

If you find yourself in Madrid in desperate need of Goldfish crackers, Teddy Grahams, Newman’s Own salad dressings or Smucker’s Goober (strawberry and grape) head to a chain of stores called Taste of America. Just ignore the Marmite.

Little Lamb, a new Chinese hot pot chain in Flushing is getting a bit of attention, but whither Little Sheep? All of these knock-offs are so confusing and so very Chinese.

Of course there is now an Amsterdam cafe called Bedford Stuyvesant with kale on the menu. The owners seem vaguely intentional in this neighborhood naming choice at least.

Thrillist rounds up a number of “legitimately great delicacies” at chain restaurants abroad. I beg to differ with Pizza Hut Germany’s mac ‘n’ cheese pie.

Vietnam’s first McDonald’s is still making waves. CNN uses it as a springboard to detail a few other “weird places” to find the chain like the countries of Israel and India. (The not mentioned Berlin McDonald’s in front of Checkpoint Charlie is kind of a weird location really, plus it serves the McRib year round.) Also, Serious Eats interviews a Hanoi-based food blogger for his take. Big Macs will probably not be the death of banh mi.

The Wall Street Journal article, “In Dubai, Fast Food Is Big Draw at the Mall” sounds like it’s going to be fun, but it’s really about one Indian woman who got diabetes and now eats food court tom yum for lunch. This is in the business section.

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