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The Week In International Intrigue: Burgers Not Baguettes, Banh Mi

The French love burgers. No, make that hotdogs.

We still have a love affair with macarons, and now there’s a second NYC Ladurée.

South Korean Caffé Bene is also on an NYC tear.

McDonald’s is always opening somewhere at any given moment, but the first Vietnam location is getting a lot of attention. There’s little word on the food other than the inclusion of the McPork, also sold in Japan. For comparison, Burger King, which entered Vietnam in 2011, has localized the menu quite a bit with shrimp, pork and rice.

Cinnabon’s president details how the company managed to get its Sochi branch up and running for the Olympics.  “Even though the mall isn’t totally complete, come on in, follow your nose and our great aroma, keep walking … we’re the ones with the lights on,”  says Kat Cole. (via @RonRuggless)

I have a hard time getting excited about a Mexican-ish restaurant imported from London, but Bodega Negra now exists in Chelsea regardless of what I think.



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