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Pseudo-Trend Watch 2014: Yoghurt For All

Ok, last night on Facebook I posted a scintillating prediction that full-fat yogurt will be the new Greek yogurt. One, I witnessed a New Williamsburg girl zombie-walking (the neighborhood is second only to Times Square for dazed shufflers) out of Foodtown, telling her boyfriend about “This amazing yogurt from Colorado,”  but instead of scoffing I thought to myself, “Oh yeah, Noosa.” It’s so good that I’m not even bothered that they snuck an “H” into the word yogurt.

I had a small tub of blueberry and strawberry-rhubarb in my fridge, not from Foodtown, but Wegmans in New Jersey because I’m too lazy to cross Metropolitan. BUT (epic game-changer disruption) guess what? Now C-Town carries it too. And they still don’t sell Wasa crackers.

But really, if something’s going to go mainstream it’s about looks, not taste, right? This morning NPR blogged about two studies showing a connection between full-fat dairy and lower body weight. See? It’s all happening.

Not one “friend” engaged with my revelation, which is more typical of Twitter than Facebook (is it just me or did Twitter used to be more fun and interactive?). Fine. All I ask is that you think of me in nine months when you’re dipping into your 280-calorie container of Yoplait.

P.S. For the record, Fage has always sold full fat versions, which is why it will always be better than Chobani.


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