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The Week in International Intrigue: Peri-Peri, Big Pictures, Lamb Burgers

The Guardian generated over 1,200 comments when Jay Rayner defended Nando’s (and mildly insulted the monotonous cuisine of Dordogne).

Quartz is one of those endless scroll sites with big photos that make everything seem smart and important (for instance, if you were to read some of the content–just some–from Roads & Kingdoms in a Word doc, the whole vibe would change) like this article/post that uses charts and links to say that there are lots of Dunkin’ Donuts in other parts of the world even though only a few US regions have the chain. New Yorkers don’t realize how good they’ve got it–I recently tried some doughnuts and coffee at the newish maligned Bedford Ave. location [why is no one going nuts over the truly new branch  on Metropolitan Ave. near the Lorimer station?] and they were so delicious and cheap.

Fuddruckers, a chain that on one really defends, is opening in the Dominican Republic and hopes to sway locals with unique-to-the-region specialties like lamb burgers with mint jelly (I had no idea) and bread pudding.


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