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Song-Inspired Soft Serve

cinnamon and lesbians

If anyone was curious how many people would come out during office hours in single-digit temps to try a new Momofuku Milk Bar ice cream flavor inspired by an also-new Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks song with the band on hand, now you know. Maybe 40? It’s hard to quantify crowds in such a small space.

momo malkmus

Cinnamon and Lesbians tasted less like the spice and more like roses, candle wax and incense. My guess wasn’t too far off–the soft serve was flavored with rose water and smoke, as it turned out. I might not say that it’s my favorite combo (though it grows on you) but it’s kind of smart and not a total stretch to imagine that if you like those odd floral-smoky Thai desserts, this would possibly blow your mind.

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