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How Should a Cheese Be?

Land-o-lakes-american-cheeseProcessed cheese is having a moment. I was recently wowed by the provel used at Speedy Romeo. Then The New York Times went on a full-on no shame foods bender where I discovered that chef Wylie Dufresne shares my love (discussed here and here) of Land O'Lakes American Cheese. There's a fresh pack of Wegmans wrapped white American cheese singles in the fridge right now, and they're just not the same. It has to be the thick-cut, stacked, matte-finish American cheese.

Also, American cheese just popped-up while I was reading How Should A Person Be? (Is everyone reading that or is it just popular among the sites I track via RSS?).

Heading out of the station for a smoke, in pain, I passed two teenage girls who were standing with their bags before a deli, gazing up at its illuminated menu. 
    "What is American cheese anyway? I heard one of them say.
      Her friend replied, "I think that means it has a chemical in it."

I’m trying to glean insights. On how a person should be, that is, but I would take some processed cheese insights, too.

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