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Thai Worth Driving For

I'm not against car ownership in the city. The vehicle in my household can get from Carroll Gardens to Woodside for Thai food in 12 minutes on a good day as opposed to the two trains and 57 minutes proposed by Google Maps.

Which is why the most salient tidbit in that New York piece about cars not being the enemy was this:

"I can have a Thai lunch in Ridgewood and then hop over to Prospect Park, a trip that would otherwise present me with the preposterous choice of taking four subways or two buses, or else zigzagging through the Lower East Side."

One, there's Thai food in Ridgewood? And two, it's worth driving across boroughs for? Granted, my Ridgewood years were pre-millennium, and I lived in the more isolated German/Italian/Polish/Romanian/Serbian section, not the increasingly cool Bushwick borderland. So,  I wonder if it's Ridgewood Thai or Thai Village?

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