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Chain Links: Big America


In 2010, the UK received Taco Bell (a re-entry), Ruby Tuesday and Chipotle. What tactics have they been using? Taco Bell advertised on bathroom doors, Ruby Tuesday has tried shocking Brits by offering massive portions and free refills on soda and fries and Chipotle has been sourcing products locally. [Stores]

Britain isn’t the only recipient of our generously proportioned meals. McDonald’s in Japan has launched Big America 2, a series of four hefty burgers. The 713-calorie Idaho speaks to me with its hashbrown, bacon and pepper-mustard sauce. Also, I’m incredibly confused by this comment. [WSJ]

A staggering amount of effort has been put into creating the perfect McDonald’s french fry in India.  [Forbes India]

If you live in Jamaica you can order iTwists at KFC. Chicken fillets? Whatever, the bright red tomato wrap is what caught my attention. [Jamaica Observer]

Dixie Cream Donut Company, and a slew of other Beautiful Brands International (BBI) restaurants that I’ve never heard of, will be heading to the Middle East. [QSR]

Wingstop is invading Mexico. [Dallas Business Journal]

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