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Chain Links: Seaweed Soft Pretzels

Pringles-Seaweed I’ve seen Auntie Anne’s—serving seaweed pretzels, no less—in Malaysia, so it doesn’t seem so strange that they’d also expand to Japan. “…much of the Japanese population had never experienced a soft pretzel” yet that did not stop curiosity-seekers from lining up around the block–and filming it. [press release]

Golden Chick, which I keep reading as Golden Child, is a Dallas-based chain that has nothing to do with Eddie Murphy and a lot to do with chicken tenders–they practically claims to have invented them. They will be bringing breaded strips of poultry to China and nine other Asian countries next year. Also, there is a chain of Irish pubs in Texas?  [QSR]

California Pizza Kitchen will also be opening its first mainland China location. Shanghai is the lucky recipient. [NRN]

Subway is getting out of control in Saudi Arabia. Oddly, the last Subway I patronized (in Paramus) was filled with Middle Eastern families so maybe there is a UAE hoagie connection. [AME Info]

Frozen yogurt is so unappealing to me that I would prefer not even typing the two words. Apparently, there is a chain from Oklahoma creatively named FreshBerry. Venezuela and Portugal will be getting their no-sugar-added vanilla frozen yogurt in Q1 2011. [QSR]

Tossed, which isn’t that prevalent in the US, will be heading to Vancouver, B.C. [Fast Casual]

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  1. Seaweed pretzels!? So want to try them. Wonder what local toppings CPK will do in Shanghai… Shredded pork? Scallion and eggs? Spicy peppercorn chicken? That’d be so awesome.

    December 14, 2010

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