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Arepas Are Not Tortillas

Arepera Socialista
Photo from Venezolana de Television

Like Angry Birds and Glee, Wikileaks is one of those unavoidable topics that I try to know as little about as possible—until now. Because, arepas?

We have the popular Caracas Arepa Bar mini-chain, but apparently in Caracas, Hugo Chavez opened a chain, Arepera Socialista, last year. A perfect target for an American diplomat to monitor.

“On a January 8 visit, EmbOffs witnessed a long line of people waiting to get into the restaurant but surprisingly rapid service. Inside, one wall was dominated by a quote in large red lettering from Simon Bolivar: ‘The best system of government is that which produces the greatest happiness.’”

And lest you think Venezuela lack food bloggers (doesn’t it feel like the US and Asia kind of dominate the genre? Or maybe that’s my own bias.) El Gourmet Urbano was on the beat soon after the cafe opened. Other than the trash bags hanging off the sides of the cans rather than being inside, the verdict was positive.

I went looking for more socialist restaurants, but communism seems to be more popular.

Instead, you can look at more food blogs from Venezuela:
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