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Chain Links: Spreading Our Food Culture One Rib At a Time

BabyBackRibsBox Five chains that once gave up on Singapore are now back in business. Regarding TGI Friday's: "Over the years, Singapore has become a more cosmopolitan city with more Singaporeans increasingly becoming exposed to different cultures and foods from around the world. And that's why now is the time to make a re-entry into the Singapore market." Happy to be spreading our food culture by way of Jack Daniel's ribs. []

You'll find McDonald's and Pizza Hut all over the universe; Wendy's is now playing catch up. []

Friendly's wants to expand overseas. "Anywhere else in the world, there is not a single full-service restaurant chain whose differentiator is ice cream and treats," CEO Harsha Agadi says. He might want to rethink his position. Swensen's immediately comes to mind. The ice cream-centric chain is a staple in Asian malls and is also present in the Middle East and Latin America (ok, just Bogota). [Boston Herald]

I still don't understand how there can be a Coldstone Creamery and a Marble Slab Creamery, but the latter is coming to Australia. [press release]

Robeks, a smoothie chain I've never heard of, is going to open 500 cafes in 13 Asian countries. [press release]

Photo from Jack Daniel's Meats

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