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Chain Links: Eat Burgers, Pray, Love

A combo Wendy’s/Arby’s is coming to Russia. 180 of them in the next decade. It only makes me more sad that Brooklyn’s only Arby’s has already died a quick death. [Reuters]

El Chico is opening in Saudi Arabia. Consolidated Restaurant Operations already franchises a slew of American restaurants I’ve never heard of in Saudia Arabia and Egypt: Cantina Laredo, III Forks, Silver Fox, Good Eats, Luckys Cafe and Cool River Cafe. [Press release]

I’ve been to a Singaporean Carl’s Jr. (more than once!) so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re venturing into nearby Indonesia. I imagine Eat, Pray, Love being a much more compelling story if there had been less yoga and more American hamburgers. [Press release]

“Freshly toasted sandwiches translate well across many countries and cultures.” Of course they do, hence Quiznos is expanding throughout Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Ok, pretty much the world. [QSRweb]

Eco-friendly Freshii will be opening four locations in Austria this summer. I wonder whatever happened to the Freshii promised for NYC this spring? [Fast]

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