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Chain Links: Mai Tai Masala

Vics It was a sad day when Wendy’s called it quits in Japan. But Frostys and baked potatoes might be coming back—this time with Beef ‘n Cheddars in tow. A hybrid Wendy’s/Arby’s monster is attempting to re-enter Japan. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

I’ve never understood the appeal of cold cereal, but The Cereal Bowl, has made a business out of selling sweet crunchy things in milk to Americans. Now, they’re expanding to Puerto Rico. A location in Qatar opened earlier this year. [QSR]

Trader Vic’s has always been odd in modern times. They don’t have many US restaurants any more (I finally tried the Chicago branch this New Year’s Eve) but thrive in hotels in Asian capitals—Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo—where you wouldn’t think they’d have much of a taste for American mid-century Polynesia kitsch. There are a whopping nine Trader Vic’s in the Middle East, and now India and Sri Lanka will be getting mai tais and crab rangoon, too. Wow, they're going nuts with expansion, and in some of the most random locales. [Food Business Review]

Photo from Cookbook Village.

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