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Hamburger u

If I sit on an idea long enough, someone is eventually bound to write about it. That is the dilemma of too many thoughts, too little time. I've come to the stark realization that if I spent even two hours per night in my room with my computer and the door shut instead of sitting on a couch watching TV with my laptop, I'd get a lot more done.

What is more important, after all? Finding out what's happening on Lost, Fringe, Breaking Bad or the new Dr. Who (still not sold on him) or getting to the bottom of what goes on at Olive Garden's culinary institute?

I can now delete Olive Garden cooking school from my to-do Word document. Today, CNN investigates the important story, while a little over a week ago Jaunted was on the same beat. I knew it existed in some form because Don Francisco from Sabado Gigante was just there a few months ago.

Speaking of dubious cooking schools (we were, weren't we?) I have this vague memory, for which I can find no support online, that when Mackenzie Phillips was booted off One Day at a Time and sent to rehab, her character's disappearance was attributed to her going to a doughnut-making school. Am I losing my mind?

Hamburger University photo from McDonald's.

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  1. lisa #

    I’m not feeling the new Dr. Who, either. And I LOVE Don F./Sabado Gigante! I have many, many fond memories hanging out at my best friend’s (whose dad is Argentinian)house on a Saturday, eating Stella D’Oro almond cookies and watching Sabado Gigante

    May 11, 2010
  2. lisa: One of my problems with the new Dr. Who is superficial. He doesn’t seem to have enough eyebrow to balance his upper forehead.

    May 14, 2010

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