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Auf Wiedersehen, Currywurst

Berlin tacos I haven't traveled extensively in Europe; it's not my continent of choice. So far, I’ve yet to explore beyond Spain, France, England…and ok, Wales (for a familial wedding weekend). Now that I keep hearing about the sad state of the Euro and restaurant parity, my tune might change. Plus, Mexican food in Berlin?

Five real, i.e. no burritos with mayonnaise, Mexican restaurants appearing in nine months sounds like an awful lot. A taco truck is even in the works for the German capital. What's going on over there?

In Texas, there is apparently an oddity called the German taco, a.k.a. a polaco or Polish taco. Kielbasa, tortillas, sauerkraut and melted cheese are involved. I’d try one.

Berlin taco cart photo from Laurie Isola.

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