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Apricot turkey According to Sodexo's "2010 College Food Trends" report the number one cafeteria item next year will be Apricot-Glazed Turkey. Er, okay. Number four is the very specific Vegetarian Lentil Shepherd's Pie.

I favor numbers three and five: Vietnamese Pho (Rice Noodle Soup) and Chicken Adobo (Mexican Stew with Chilies) even if chicken adobo is better known as the national dish of the Philippines.

The campus favorites by region are more straightforward—meatloaf, potpie—roast beef—with the exception of fish tacos for the Southwest.

I didn't go to a college with a cafeteria (I ate Chinese takeout from Safeway, jo jo potatoes from the same Safeway deli and sandwiches I made from cream cheese, avocado and fake crab) so food prepared specifically for youngsters enrolled in higher learning institutions is foreign and interesting. Same too, dorms.

Apricot-glazed turkey photo from Taste of Home, America's highest circulation food magazine. The dish must be more popular than I thought.

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