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Feeling Good in More Neighborhoods

Harlemapplebee's  For better or worse, uptown residents can now get their riblets closer to home. The city’s latest Applebee’s recently appeared in the new mall at Bronx Terminal Market and according to this Craigslist ad, the soon-to-open Harlem Applebee’s is hiring.

I’ve been semi-seriously toying with the idea of extricating myself from office work, though I don’t neccessarily see myself as a server, cook, dishwasher, host, bartender or expediter (all available positions). I haven’t worked food service since 1990 when I was a dough maker in a delivery-only Pizza Hut.

Then again, the ad does say, ”experience is a PLUS” not a requirement.

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  1. plumpdumpling #

    Working at Pizza Hut seriously sounds dreamy, as it’s my favourite chain pizza. Did that make you hate it or love it all the more?

    November 5, 2009

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