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Currying Favor

Kokumaro The Japanese have an opinion on everything, it seems. I particularly like the translated surveys about food on What Japan Thinks. Two recent ones tackled very important topics.

First, do they approve of oddly shaped vegetables? Yes they do! 32.5% have already bought them and 25.5% really want to buy them. It appears that they mean malformed vegetables due to poor weather and not those Buddha-shaped pears or heart-like watermelons (ok, those are fruit, whatever).

Secondly, curry-eating habits. Neither Indian nor Thai, they are referring to that sweetish British-influenced style of curry favored in Japan. A majority of respondents, 43.8%, eat curry at home two-three times per month.  And shockingly, the most popular occasion for Japanese to make curry at home is “When I want to eat curry” at 69.5%. Only 4.5% make it when they want to build up stamina. The leading brand is Kokumaro Curry, winning nearly a quarter of the votes at 22.4%.

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