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Chain Links: Fine Art Edition

An LA couple is trying to raise $12,000 for an “art project” that involves photographing all 206 Sizzler’s in the US. There are only 146 Cheesecake Factories in the nation. Could I get a subsidy? [via Eater LA]

A Shoney’s memorial is being erected at the Charlton, WV site of the original restaurant, and a local artist is requesting fans send in memorabilia, bought or heisted. What’s up with these artists and their chain fixations? [via Slashfood]

Chains are touting cheaper drinks to lure in diners. Those Mudslides can really add up.

The Chicago Tribune’s dining section reviewing signature items at fast food chains only serves as a reminder of how damn highbrow NYC is. Even the Post wouldn’t review Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

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