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My Never Ending Story

NeverEndingStory Never Ending Pasta Bowls are sporadic and fleeting as a mythical New York City autumn (seriously, it's near 90s then all of a sudden it's 45 and everyone's wearing hats and gloves). It's possible that there is a rhyme and reason to their appearance; maybe I should start a tracker.

But the $8.95 promotion is on now and is anything but never ending so get on it. Just be aware that if you're in NYC (or perhaps elsewhere) there will be no mention of it or any in-store signage. You'll be forced to ask for the deal, though there is no shame because this is Olive Garden, and all will be explained verbally. During my one and only experience with this special, I was surprised at the number of pasta types and sauces available but the 42 options are not committed to print so brush up here beforehand.

Such is the ephemeral nature of all you can eat starch in the city.

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