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Hamburger Helper

Pereg hamburger

All of this fenugreek talk has got me thinking about exotic spices. You know, like American Hamburger Mixed Spices.

While perusing Sunset Park’s lovely Rossman Farms, better known to me as The Produce Store, I noticed a new friendly black-and-white cat that hangs out by the cabbage and a moderately revamped side room.

Pereg luisa

One shelf was filled with a brand of Israeli spice blends from a company called Pereg that looks like Perez in the script font. American Hamburger spices jumped out at me in two different packaging styles. I’m actually not sure what American hamburger spices are. Based on the photo (no, I didn’t look at the ingredient list) it appears the jar may contain chile, garlic, coriander, allspice, cumin and salt, not sure. Isn’t adding packet of Lipton onion soup mix as wild as we get in this country?

Other blends include Meatball, Falafel, Kabbab and Za’atar, the source of monkfish trouble on last night’s Top Chef.

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