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Good Enough to Eat With a Spoon

Among the 23.6% Americans who are currently dieting, the second most popular treat is mayonnaise. Weird. I guess I equate treat with sweet. Granted, that number two item was cited by slightly less than 10% of those surveyed. That’s still a lot of mayo-lovers, though.

I’m not one of them, though I do get the appeal of mayonnaise with fries. Whenever I hear about mayo-lovers my first thought is Mayonnaise Kitchen, the Japanese restaurant grossly devoted to the condiment. Then I immediately remember this girl named Bree who lived in a nearby cul-de-sac when I was in grade school. Everyone called her Shaggy, but more importantly she once answered the door with a bowl of mayonnaise in hand, eating it with a spoon.

Ew, and some heartthrob to the over-30 set apparently uses the condiment for sordid purposes.

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