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Writing Samples: Food & Beverage

Fast Food International
A column showcasing foreign chain restaurants in NYC



Foreign Invasion: How Have International Restaurants Changed for NYC Audiences?


Underdog cuisines in NYC
Filipino, Peruvian, Singaporean: a shout-out to worthy cuisines that hit the big time in 2011

 Check, Please!
At these eateries, the bill holders are just as noteworthy as the food you’re billed for.

Halloween’s bloodiest bites
I want to suck your blood! And eat it too! In puddings, in sausages, in stews.

Burger Bash 2010 | Dumbo
A feast fit for foodie kings (and queens). But who reigned supreme at the Wine & Food Fest’s patty bonanza?

Top ice cream sandwiches in NYC
Get them before they melt, at Meatball Shop, Xie Xie, J’Chanceux Macaron

Top 5 in NYC: Pioneer Tiki Bars
The NYC Tiki Renaissance™ is upon us. Here are five places that started it all.

Thanksgiving sides in NYC
Ditch the same-old, same-old with these inventive sides. Popcorn!

Oddball frosties in NYC
Horseradish ice cream: oooh or ewww? The cold truth about NYC’s quirkiest scoops, snow cones and popsicles.

NYC’s bitters boom
Beyond the Manhattan: The rise of unusual, bold and handcrafted bitters in NYC cocktails.

Banh mi ban!
Sick of the overexposed Vietnamese hoagie? Nine other Asian(ish) sandwich substitutes worth checking out.


 Restaurant Reviews


 Stand and Deliver
Guide to the Red Hook ball field vendors, plus how to eat a mango Latino-style

 Food of the Mayans
Discovering culinary treats from Southern and Central America

 ‘Dog’ Days
Where to find South American hot dogs (part of a summer food guide)

 Some Like it Hot
A sample of the best spicy sauces on the shelf–from mild to positively volcanic

 Real-deal Meals
Don’t get conned by counterfeit Latin cuisine, try these bona-fried feasts

 Strange Brew
This new Mexican concoction is creating quite a “buzz”

Gotta Empanada
The Latino turnover moves away from meat fillings

 Pecking Order
A battle of the best Latin birds

Writing Samples: Digital Marketing


Facebook Commerce Holds Promise for Retailers

Brands and Consumers Make Online CPG Sales a Reality

Digital Dining: Chain Restaurants Add Social Media, Mobile to the Menu

Flash Sales: What Retailers Need to Know