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Flea Bitten


Gourmet really let me down this month. Not only is the entire issue devoted to Paris, a city I try to get excited about but can barely muster interest over, but there’s not a single alfresco photo spread either. What? All those bon vivants eat indoors?

Bien sur, but believe me they do it with great whimsy. The next best thing to an impromptu lakeside picnic is supping in a flea market, correct?

I’m not convinced that the raven-haired gamine eats (that might be a miniature chamber pot beneath her thigh—the French are rustic that way, right?) but the burly guy in the back probably partakes in some butternut squash soup with chestnuts whipped up on a hot plate by the gentleman with a chapeau jauntily balanced atop his curls.

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  1. ckc #

    I was so excited to read your posts on Park Ave Autumn and Gourmet one right after the other. First because I’ve been lobbying to go there myself and now I’ve got some more ammo. Secondly because I call my ‘partner’ roommateboyfriend, and it’s nice to know other people do too. Thirdly because said roommateboyfriend got his first Gourmet in the mail last week and I was so confused that it was about Paris, BUT then we were pleasantly surprised 2 days later when last months issue arrived TOO and I got to see the picture with the broken tv in it again. It was even better in person.

    September 10, 2008
  2. ckc: I still love that broken tv in the woods. I’m not sure if I love Paris. But yeah, Park Avenue Autumn is definitely worth a try. It’s a splurgey place, for sure, but fun for that genre of restaurant.

    September 12, 2008

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