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An Oldie but a Goodie

As much as this minor redesign implies a fresh start, I’m really just reverting back to an old url and title. Oh, and there’s a cat. But not an lolcat (lord, that reference will be dated by 2009).

You’re supposed to write what you know and in my case, that would be myself, duh. Here's my new About Me page just to up the me ante even further. I just like to pretend that this is an outwardly focused food-dominant site so I’ve removed the Project Me title. My 1998-2006 online diary of the same name still exists in all its hand-coded HTML glory.

Confusingly, and both work, but you're likely still seeing if you came from a link, bookmark, wherever. I’m still working out technicalities like getting rid of the without losing the small number of links that actually point here. That is all.

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