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The Quiznos in the parking lot of Linden New Jersey’s Aviation Plaza shopping center is the only one I’ve ever been to, and three times now. I work across the street from one and never go. This shopping center off Route 1 has become my go-to weekend destination for important destinations like Target, Old Navy, Marshall’s, Home Depot, a 24-hour Shop Rite (I like grocery shopping post 10pm), not so much the Polish and Slavic Credit Union or Avenue, but I was excited to find Applejack at Pied Piper Liquors—none of the shops in my immediate neighborhood sell it. And we persist in doing a bulk of our shopping out this way even though it costs a ridiculous $15 in tolls (the west coaster in me still can’t fathom such nonsense) to go through Staten Island into Union County.

And I found myself at Quiznos again this weekend because it was 5pm, I hadn’t eaten lunch yet (that’s what happens when you get out of bed at noon) and was starving but didn’t want to ruin my appetite because Sichuan food in Flushing was going to happen around 8:30pm. Applebee’s, Chevy’s and Boulder Steakhouse were out of the question; this was the perfect opportunity to try one of those two-dollar, despicably named Flatbread Sammies I saw advertised on TV last week. Yes, advertising works on me.


This is the Bistro Steak Melt, much flatter and less stuffed than the promotional shots. They’re not bad, though a little mixed up, using flatbread, meat, mozzarella, peppercorn sauce and what seems to be salsa. Middle Eastern? Mexican? I guess that’s wholly American. I don’t believe that they are terribly healthy but for something small and cheap to supplement my brought-from-home apple and yogurt it beats the $3.85 half-sandwich at Pret a Manger. (11/18/07)

I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve never eaten at a Quiznos in my life. I just don’t go for the Subway Blimpie aesthetic. Sandwiches are kind of boring and chips as a side don’t thrill me (and that Baby Bob ad campaign was way more disturbing than the Sponge Monkeys that seemed to gross out consumers).

But toasted subs?they drew me in when I was at a strip mall in Linden, New Jersey. Plus, I was curious to see what that new prime rib sandwich looked like in person because the ad makes it look so unreal and juicy and pornographic (in reality, the sub is kind of flat and smooshed and non-glistening, but unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo).


I tried the Black Angus on Rosemary Parmesan Bread with mozzarella, cheddar, mushrooms, sauted onion, honey bourbon mustard and zesty grille sauce. Two cheeses is a bit of overkill, but you know, Americans love their melted cheese. And two sauces? Jeez. The overall flavor was sweet and way too tangy-maybe that’s what they mean by zesty? All in all, the Quiznos experience was un-traumatizing, which is all that I ask for in my suburban sub shops. (4/23/06)

Quiznos * 683 W. Edgar Rd, Linden, NJ

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  1. Hmm, I wonder what the Applejack is for.

    I was curious about those sammies too. However, the use of the word “sammies” always makes me think of Rachael Ray or some other person who is too infantile to use the word sandwich.

    I had never had Quizno’s until Slocker and I were on an ill-fated flight to Chicago. When our plane was re-routed to the air force base/small airport in upstate New York, they gave us all vouchers to the only place to eat, Quizno’s. Slock and I pooled our respective $10 vouchers into a $20 feast.

    November 19, 2007
  2. Bob #

    If you can hold it with just your index finger and thumb, it’s too small. I’ve never had a “Sammie” and I have to be honest, I thought that picture was doctored at first. Quizno’s is such a rip-off.

    June 13, 2009

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