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Crossed Wires

I don’t know if March 2007 is a watershed moment for internet savviness or if people are just particularly social this week, but for no reason at all I’ve been receiving more than a typical amount of email from strangers (which is to say perhaps six or seven messages rather than the usual zero). I was weirded out by someone clearly (hopefully) ESL asking why his name was on my website and where he could find this person with his name (I don't want to type the name or else there will be two hits pointing to me). I had no recollection of the name in question. After Googling it, my random mention from April 2003 was the only hit. I absolutely forget what minutiae I’ve posted over the past eight years so there was no way I’d remember something as miniscule as having my phone number accidentally swapped with someone who lived a block away from me in Sunset Park four years ago. When I called people on this particular day, a different number registered on caller I.D. I then Googled the phone number and the name I found was the same as the guy who just emailed me wanting to know why his name is on my website. I don’t know how to succinctly explain that to an eager ESL emailer. Of course, most bloggers wouldn’t bother but it’s the information professional in me that feels the need to provide answers. I’m so not service minded or helpful or caring, so it’s a mystery how I ended up as a librarian (I’ve never actually had a business card job with that title. Newly and currently, I’m a Researcher, plain and simple).

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