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I really hate it when I get sucked into those teasers on the Hotmail homepage. Today, Women: is his gray hair sexy? Grabbed my eye and I clicked before I noticed the his part. Fuck that. I won’t stand for old looking men to be sexy until old looking women are accepted (just like no fat dudes should be tolerated by decent women). Of course, the story is illustrated using a couple with a “silver fox” and a blonde wife. While I’m at it, I also hate old men having babies. You waited until you were 50+ to settle down? Well, too bad, now you’re childless. (Oddly, Anthony Bourdain fits both of these profiles and I generally find him entertaining. I guess there are exceptions to every pet peeve.)

Gray_roots_1So, it turns out I have to color my gray before Monday, as per my half-baked resolutions. Against my better judgment I applied to one of those blind write for us ads off Craigslist last month and it turned out to be a legit publication. While trying to not-so-successfully digitally capture the 40% premature (I think premature—I don’t know anyone near my age with even a few white strands except my sister) gray stripes popping up all over my head, I managed to take one of the most disgusting borderline obscene photos ever (I've made the thumbnail tiny because it's so gross). Who knew that innocent unbrushed hair and scalp could look so gruesome?

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