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100% Puke Free

I don’t want to start off 2007 with a whine so I’ll keep things brief until I perk up again (I woke up mildly cold/flu sick on Saturday and unsurprisingly staying out late last night, drinking and smoking, only exacerbated matters. Now I’m beat up, dizzy and gushing crap from my left eye and nostril. I currently have two and half hours left at work until I can leave and I seriously don’t know if I’m going to make it. I’d consider sneaking out because it’s been dead for the past few hours, but I just know the second I escaped a tot, beauty or granny or some other heart-wrenching target would be slain and my research services would be needed). Here are a few not terribly unreasonable ideas for 2007.

Eat and cook more Japanese food. I bought Washoku last year and barely even touched it. (Funny, this guy never even got beyond two posts on the topic—I vow my venture will be longer-lived by at least a week)

Wake up before 10am, even if I don’t have to be at work until 5pm.

Don’t eat when I’m not hungry (this is seriously not going to happen—even my cat can’t abide by this rule, and consequently she’s more than doubled in weight since I rescued her from the animal shelter in ’04).

Look up words when I’m not 100% sure of them. I was pretty certain that loquacious meant talkative, and it does. But for ages I thought outré meant out of style and it really means unconventional, duh. I’ve run across the word pithivier, twice in two days, both in food magazines, and based on accompanying description, recipe and photo, it’s obviously some sort of large, round, flat pastry that can be sweet or savory. I probably don’t have to look that one up, though it wouldn’t hurt my vocabulary expanding.

GrecianStop coloring my gray hair until I get my next job interview. This is more of a stupid motivation game than a resolution because nobody wins looking like a haggard oldster. Will my silvery roots become thwarted in a week or two or will they flourish for months? I could end up resembling Heloise if I’m not diligent.

Regularly use lotion. I’m all about moisturizer and face creams but I’ve never been able to consistently wear lotion on legs, arms, wherever it is you’re supposed to wear lotion. I don’t have the energy for that. But I’m already older than my friend who was ten years my senior in college, who had back-of-the-hand-skin that didn’t snap back when you pulled it. It might already be too late to preserve any floundering elasticity, but I’m not resigned to total sag yet.

Ok, that’s enough for the moment. I’d also like to add that I resolve to not attend parties or go to bars playing bad ‘80s music (which might just render me house-bound) but I have a lot to say on that matter and am too inarticulate to talk about it right now.

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