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The food blogs never stop coming. Even though I’m working my way through recent American food history (I’m up to California cuisine and budding stardom of Wolfgang Puck) with the thoroughly engaging The United States of Arugula, it’s still baffling to me that 2006 has become the year of the “professional” food blog. Rather than exciting, I find it exhausting. Sure, it’s fun to poke around all of mainstream latecomers for different perspectives but there are only so many hours in my already oversaturated day. Plenty tends to make me tired rather than invigorated (though yesterday I was incredibly irritated by Jose Cuervo gold being the only tequila choice at the liquor store next to Costco. 1,000 mezcals would’ve been overwhelming but one is ridiculous. Costco was also out of frozen scallops and chicken wings. I was cruelly reminded why we food shop in NJ despite the outrageous $9 Verrazano Bridge toll).

The new entrants are:
Village Voice’s Eat for Victory
Gourmet’s  Choptalk (epi-log is not new)
Yahoo Food (more portal than blog)

New York, The New York Times and Chow hit already. Time Out NY is behind but they’ve been focusing their energy on TV and radio programs (oh, I guess they have a CMJ blog). The NYC dailies? They might stay resolutely old school. I didn’t even know that the New York Post had blogs until the other day (they appear to be limited to sports and travel) and I work at the damn paper. Half the employees there have trouble handling email (seriously, having to print out articles for anyone under 70 is beyond lame and makes me genuinely angry) of basic internet search engines so my faith is not with newspapers.

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