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Off Like a Dirty Shirt

Bon2 Ok, so apparently I'll be in Wales in like 12 hours. I've never been one for blogging on the go, so I have no idea if I'll post anything between now and when I return (in a measly week and a half). This vacation I'm determined to take lots of photos. I have a mental block with picture taking. I hardly ever indulge in NYC out of fear of being pegged as a tourist or some sort of rube. But in Europe I will be a tourist, duh, so I might as well have at it.

There was a handful of semi-interesting things that I was going to post here but now I'm running out of time so they'll have to wait. I even had the day off yesterday because I miscalculated when I was leaving town when I asked for the time off work. Normally, I might be concerned about wasting one of my precious ten days off, but it wasn't a waste because I unexpectedly had a most promising meeting yesterday. I think anyone would agree that getting jobs that you haven't even applied for is a good route (plus, it distracted me from the Forbes rejection I received on Tues. I was actually relieved by that since the atmosphere struck me as classic nutty, downtrodden corporate library). If all goes as planned, I might have something new to look forward to when I get back from vacation.

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  1. lisa #

    Happy travels (or is it trails?) to you.
    Where did the pinball pic come from? I would love to have one of those ‘old style’ pinballs. That and a “Fun House” machine. I have an old mechanical 5-cent slot machine from the legendary, but imploded, Mapes Hotel in Reno. Love that thing. Hope you have a lovely time!

    August 4, 2006

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