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God’s Eyes & Whippets

1. magic thing where u stare a for dots then se god

Godseye I don't know about God, but oh, that '90s Magic Eye craze was just oodles of fun. Staring for minutes on end trying to decipher 3-D dogs and whales and crap was about as close to divine consciousness as most people get. I only got it to work once and I only bothered at all because these printed distractions used to frequently come down the library drop chute and checking-in grimy picture books can get dull. (We also used to pass the time by finding family webpages–you know, 1997-style with midi music and lots of family photos–and send questionable messages about how adorable the children were, making sure to mention them by name. But I'm so much more mature now.)

2. is Cool Whip in a pressured can as tasty as Cool Whip in a tub?

Well, that's rather subjective. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend eating either. How about whipping real cream and using the can for noble pursuits like whippets (which I've never tried-all those '70s inhalant highs always scared me as a youngster. I remember hearing about deaths from huffing PAM in a baggie, but that could've been a Pop Rocks and cola myth).

There was an actual debate of Cool Whip versus Reddi-wip on Yahoo! Answers, if strangers' opinions are valuable to you.

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  1. lisa #

    Oh, my uber-pretentious, jingoistic neighbors (who didn’t know when Flag Day was, but promptly erected a flagpole/flag a few days after 9/11) don’t call them ‘whippets’ anymore–they’re “Italian Greyhounds” (undoubtedly capitalized). That just makes me feel so much more elevated when I’m clearing up that Dog Shit off my lawn that they’re too lazy to pick up…

    July 11, 2006
  2. lisa #

    LOL–well, you can see I don’t get out much, confusing an illegal recreational activity with a snobby canine breed ….

    I’ve never been able to see the Magic Eye pictures, because I have amblyopia and don’t have stereoscopic vision. I’ve never seen a ‘traditional’ red-green 3D poster or movie, either, because of this condition; it’s either all red, or all green…

    July 11, 2006
  3. Hmm, I’ve never heard of Italian Greyhounds (but I’m not terribly canine savvy). Is calling them whippets like calling daschunds weiner dogs? I call them weiner dogs and it annoys James.

    However, I shudder when people (my ex-stepmom in particular) call soy sauce “bug juice.” I’m sure I’ve said this before, but this is the same woman who refered to Brazil nuts as “nigger toes.” Classy dame.

    July 13, 2006

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