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Save a Prayer

We (or maybe, I) find it amusing that a majority of Icelanders believe in elves, yet, it’s earth shattering news that prayer doesn’t really do shit for sick people? The things people will believe in. And even better, people who know they are being prayed for have more complications.


I love it when a potential tragedy is averted and everyone says “our prayers were answered.” Great, so what does it mean when your prayers go unanswered, which is quite a bit of the time? Was God just busy, testing your faith, ignoring you, teaching you a lesson—I don’t know.  Like everyone was praying for the trapped Sago miners, and you pretty much knew it wasn’t going to end well, and it didn’t end well.

Maybe only Anna McCloy prayed hard enough (or maybe the miracle came from the Metallica cd she played for her husband when he was in a coma, and the Taco Bell [not too long ago, I was online trying to find the closest Taco Bell to my apt. I hardly ever eat there, but I do get the urge for a chalupa every now and then. And Yahoo yellow pages insisted there was one at Hicks and Atlantic, which is maybe 15 blocks up the street, but made no sense because that intersection most definitely doesn’t house a TB, it’s just the Long Island College Hospital. Well, I finally figured out that TB is in the hospital, you can see it from the street. I haven’t worked up the nerve to eat hospital crunchwraps yet] she fed him after he regained consciousness).

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