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Gilmore Valley Girls


I almost never watch anything on the WB, but I was bored last night and happened to catch the end of Gilmore Girls (oh, there was some mention of "grups" in there too—so, so topical) where they were playing Sparks’ “Angst in My Pants” (I can’t hear that song and not think of Nicolas Cage in Valley Girl, a movie I didn't even see until I was in my late teens because it was freakin' rated R and my mom wouldn't allow it in '83). The song made me feel a little off kilter, but it wasn’t surprising. Oh, and there was that kid whose role I know nothing about because I don't watch Gilmore Girls, that ran into Rory at a party and was wearing a Dinosaur Jr. Green Mind t-shirt. So much nostalgia that I almost feel like moving to a quaint NE town and engaging in witty banter with my precocious daughter I had as a teen .

Then before I could change the channel Pepper Dennis came on and the opening sequence where Rebecca Romijn was getting ready in the morning, close-up shots of coffee brewing, etc. The Go! Team's “The Power is On” was setting the mood. Now that's weird. At least I think. That's a sure sign you're getting old (or turning into a grup), when you think something still might be hip or obscure when it’s totally outré. I guess that Go! Team record has been out for over a year so there's been plenty of time for dissemination. Now  I feel nostalgic for early 2005.

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