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Short Months are Still Too Long

I must be paying the price for staying home Fri. when I was only mildly sick. Now I'm sick for real and already used up a valuable day. That'll teach me. I'm sure you are all dying to know what I did for Valentine's Day. James took me out to Pampano, which was perfectly nice (though I had issues because it's just down the street from my office and I'm very anti-midtown east these days). But it was kind of overshadowed by our impromptu dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, the Sunday before President's Day. My short notice Tarrytown excursion was totally fun, and I took lots of pointless photos (I'm going to turn into one of those annoying photo bloggers, even worse foodie photo blogger, if I don't watch it) but I haven't had a chance to write it up (ha, but I did manage to find the time to blab about Cosmetic Show, this crazy mess of a store I just found. Priorities you know). I know that's older than old now, but I'm just here on Tues. getting a chance to sort out what I did nearly a week and a half ago. I will say that I ate a shit load of Cuban food last week for an article I turned in today. Phew. I think I'm free to just write about minutiae and myself for now. Feb. was all like that. March had better not be or I'm going to end up doing something rash.

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