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Fruitless Venture

Ok, I've already lamented about the lame food situation in my new work neighborhood, and now I'm having second thoughts about the shopping scene too. Inititally, I was wowed by the strip on and around 57th and Lexington with Aerosoles, New York & Company, Daffy's and Strawberry. Of course Bloomindale's is also in the area, but that's a horse of a different color (green).

So, despite three floors and a plus size section, the Grand Central location still beats all because I've always looked to Strawberry primarily as a source of cheap shoes. And this one has a pathetic little pocket in the basement that's always crammed with like four workers sitting around and socializing while pretending to stock the ten items on display.

And to add insult to injury I happened to buy one of the smallest X large shirts in existence (I've never seen poly-blend tee shirt fabric with so little stretch) and somehow lost the receipt, which I never ever do. And this new job is so time sucking that I didn't make it back for almost a month and apparently the store has a retarded 14-day return/exchange policy and only with a receipt. I didn't even bother for the $14.99, but now I'm stuck with a crappy too small shirt. I've soured on Strawberry.

Strawberry * 711 Lexington Ave., New York, NY

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