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Day of Rest

Pathmark12 This place is best avoided on Sunday evenings. Check out lines creep into the aisles (and this is a larger than average Brooklyn store), legless people in wheelchairs create impromptu obstacle courses and people in line think nothing of asking you to watch their stuff while taking their sweet time going back for items or asking to use your Pathmark card for discounts (I don't have one and James seeing how it's done here, i.e. slow, very slow, stepping out of line at the expense of other's time the norm, decided to go out to the car and look for his card despite being one customer away from the cashier. By the time he made it back in I hadn't even budged).

The produce is nothing to shout about on a good day, but Sundays it's slim pickings. The apples were all brown, the red peppers shriveled and basil awol altogether. I'm hoping that the supposedly soon-to-open Red Hook Fairway will brighten the neighborhood shopping experience a bit. It isn't possible to get much grimmer.

Pathmark * 25 12th St, Brooklyn, NY

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