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Pumpkin Pie Teepee

Ok, I was just dogging that newish Ritz commercial that uses "Melt With You," (click the news tab and look in the lower left corner) and I got sidetracked in my disgust. But upon further viewings, I must admit that I actually like their use of cartoony line art combined with larger than life Ritz crackers as other objects like Christmas ornaments, serving tray and hat. It's very '60s, despite using the '80s music.

The style reminds me of a cooking pamphlet "Let's Bake," printed by Robin Hood Flour (I think the brand only exists in Canada now) that I've always admired for its illustrations. I love photographed objects and textures placed into hand drawn settings…though off the top of my head I'm having trouble coming up with any other examples.



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