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Dude, Ranch

I was vaguely aware that Americans have a perverse fascination with ranch dressing. Over the years it has replaced regular condiments like mustard and mayonnaise on burgers, sandwiches, wraps, what have you. A recent Slate article only confirmed and clarified this dressing fixation.

Then I totally freaked when I started seeing those bizarre Wendy's commercials with the ranch tooth. You know, like a sweet tooth, but this larger than life incisor with a face and cowboy hat craves creamy buttermilk laced with powdered herbs and spices. Scary. And well, kind of amusing. The ad agency has clearly tapped into the ranchification of America.

I'm not there yet. If I'm going to inappropriately dip food into salad dressing, it's going to be blue cheese, not ranch. I'm only mildly ashamed to admit that a college friend of mine Kristin converted me to the charms of pepperoni pizza dipped in blue cheese dressing. And I wonder why I'm now having blood pressure and sugar problems.

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  1. Helen #

    Hi, I found out about this new website of yours from Project Me, which I’ve been reading for a few months. It’s nice to see all your food stuff organized on its own pretty website even if you did have to enter the dreaded world of blogdom.

    August 22, 2005
  2. Krista #

    Helen, thanks for being my first ever commenter (yes, I know commenter isn’t a real word).

    August 24, 2005

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