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Reese’s & Triple Pepperoni Threat

Hershey’s is so nuts with the new candies and limited editions. Every time I turn my back they’ve got a new incarnation of something. The Reese’s line has always been one of my favorites—who can resist the all-American peanut butter and chocolate combo? Dark and white chocolate shells were first. Then they did the inside outthing. I had a honey roasted peanut butter flavor not too long ago (it really didn’t stand apart from the original, kind of pointless). I’m currently obsessed with the seasonal white chocolate Easter eggs. And now they have a Chocolate Lovers and Peanut Butter Lovers promotion. I haven’t tried either, but I’d think that that a pure peanut butter version would kind of miss the point of a peanut butter cup. Two great tastes that taste great together—wasn’t that the slogan?

Take 5 would seem a bit excessive, though at least Hershey’s has the decency to spell out the five components for you: caramel, peanut butter, pretzels, chocolate and peanuts (I think breaking out peanuts and peanut butter is fudging a bit). This is a tasty sweet/salty fix, better than the highly addictive Nestle Flipz.

While Hershey’s might explain their five ingredients, I’m totally baffled by Pizza Hut’s three pepperoni claim in their limited edition “Pepperoni Trio.” Isn’t pepperoni just pepperoni? You could say three kinds of ham because ham comes in countless permutations. You could probably say three kinds of salami, too, but I’m a stickler about this varieties of pepperoni nonsense. Ok, they don’t even have a special product page detailing this big lie, but there is a description makes it apparent that the two extra pepperoni flavors are hickory-smoked and southwestern. Sadly, I am still not sated by this explanation.

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