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Atlantic Chip Shop

Everybody was in such as tizzy over the opening of the Atlantic Ave. branch.
Maybe the months and months of opening soon teasing built up hype.  I
don't know why I cared so much, I don't even like battered fried fish
(battered fried candy is another story). But I couldnt pass up the chance to
give it a try since I was seeing a show at Magnetic Field, just a block over
(never mind that I live near walking distance to the Chip Shop anyway).

There's not a lot of seating, but luckily we didnt have to wait too
long, and I didnt mind passing time with a pint at the bar (something the
original location lacks). I ordered the steak and kidney pie with chips like
I've always done at this now chain. I don't know why everyone gets grossed
out by that. I love meat pies, pot pies, I used to eat frozen ones after
school like a little freak. Combined with the beer, its filling fare, for
sure. We were only able to share the treacle pudding, which was warm,
carmelly and good. The fried Atkins bar was an amusing touch. As for the
fish? I really couldnt say.

Atlantic Chip Shop * 129
Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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