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Berry Picking

Not all Strawberry shops are created equal. Some are cramped, some are sprawling. The Union Square location kind of sucks, while Grand Central's might be my favorite. And it's mostly about the shoes because I'm less than enthusiastic about their middle-of-the-road misses offerings . There will always be at least one pair I would like (often more) and they're rarely over $39.99. I like to set my limit at $25 for this genre of shoes, though. The stock is similar to Century 21 really, but condensed and not as manic. And also like Century 21, whether of not they'll actually have your size in stock is a crapshoot. I don't know if I'm just easily pleased footwear-wise (I don't think so) but there's always something that suits me and people often seem surprised when I mention Strawberry if asked where I got a particular pair of shoes. It's a step up from Rainbow's shoe department, though not a massive step.

Strawberry * 129 E. 42nd. St., New York, NY (and elsewhere)

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