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Village Inn

I swear they used to have a monte cristo, but apparently those days are gone. Now its all skillets (isn't Applebees all into those too?) and low carb. Not that their food has become any healthier, of course. Everything is cheesy (literally). Melts are a great category, and oversized in classic chain restaurant style. I love this casual dining genre, but even I was starting to feel a little ill by the time I hit Village Inn, my last day in Portland (it probably didn't help that I'd just come from the hospital down the street, sort of knowing that would be the last time I'd probably see my dad). All the bacon, turkey, swiss cheese just weren't working their melt magic. Now, if I could've had those fillings encased in french toast with a side of jelly, I might be singing a different tune.

Village Inn * 1621 NE 10th Ave., Portland, OR

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