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Smucker’s Uncrustables certainly aren’t brand new, but I was reminded of them recently during an excursion to the new Brooklyn Target (which has a frozen food aisle—I don’t recall seeing this before). Why someone couldn’t simply slap a PBJ together and cut the crusts off themselves, is beyond me. There’s something very creepy about their round, crimped shape. Oh, and I see they have grilled cheese now, too. Very Hot Pockets.

Speaking of Smucker’s, I recently noticed an ad for a Milky Way ice cream topping. I can’t figure out how this differs from their regular caramel flavor, and how much it’s set apart from their dulce de leche milk caramel flavor. They’re really caramel crazy (me too, I’d almost always take caramel over chocolate toppings). Do Americans really demand that much caramel variety?

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